Wheelchair Van Transportation in Chicago

What does N.E.W.T. Stand for and what does your organization do?

N.E.W.T. stands for Non-Emergency Wheelchair Transportation. Our Wheelchair Van Transportation organization serves the broader Chicago area by providing taxi services to those individuals who have physical disabilities and their companions, such as friends and family members. Although many taxi services around the city and country offer ancillary wheelchair transit as part of their broader taxi service, N.E.W.T. is the first cab company in greater Chicago to focus entirely on the physically disabled transit market.

What lead you to start this specialized taxi services?

The physically challenged are often overlooked by well-meaning organizations. These organizations and businesses often forget that the physically challenged population represents a deserving and profitable market that should be supported. At N.E.W.T., we passionately believe that the physically disabled population should enjoy all of life’s experiences and be able to do so with the same ease as the rest of us. By providing quality and safe paratransit to Chicagoland, N.E.W.T. is able to do this.

Can N.E.W.T. offer transportation services to large parties?

Unfortunately, we cannot at this time. Currently, our single wheelchair van transportation vehicle limits the number of clients we are able to serve at one time. As our company continues to grow and out fleet expand, expect to see multiple cabs which will enable us to support a large group outing.

Is there a special name for this type of cab service?

Yes, this type of transportation service is typically referred to as paratransit. Paratransit is the broad mode of public or commercial transportation, which in accordance with the Americans with Disabilities Act, or ADA, ensures that the special requirements of the physically challenged are provided for. The act guarantees the availability of wheelchair ramps, electronic lifts and other important mobility amenities, allowing those in wheelchairs to easily access buildings and public transportation.

Non-Emergency Wheelchair Transport offers its wheelchair van transportation services to customers 24 hours a day, and every day of the week. N.E.W.T. clients have taken advantage of our Chicago based services for many reasons including the fact that we can transport our clients to and from work-related events, social gatherings, airport commutes and even errands. Whatever the reason for a ride, we provide prompt, courteous services to our passengers.

Non-Emergency Wheelchair Transport began providing paratransit services for years. As stated, N.E.W.T. is the first cab service in the greater Chicago area to specialize in providing handicap accessible vehicles and transportation services.

What type of assistance do you offer clients when entering or exiting the cab?

Currently, our only means of a wheelchair-bound person entering and exiting a cab is via our Americans with Disabilities certified ramps. As we continue to grow our fleet, expect to see lifts added to our cabs in the near future. Should the passenger need help navigating the ramp safely, our highly courteous and professional driver will always be happy to help with maneuvering around the vehicle as well as handling the passenger’s luggage or other belongings.

How many passengers can fit in a taxi cab at one time?

Our spacious cabs are designed for comfortable wheelchair van transportation. The vehicles are designed to accommodate two people using wheelchairs and two non-wheelchair bound passengers in the rear seat for a total of four passengers.

What areas of Chicago do you service?

Non-Emergency Wheelchair Transport offers its services to people who live, work and play all over greater Chicago. If our website fails to mention a certain local area by name, please call our office to confirm our ability to conduct cab service there. There is usually no problem.

Are there any areas to which you will not service?

We will never knowingly put our customers or employees at unnecessary risk. As your safety is our major concern, we may refuse to transport a passenger to a certain address if we know it to be in a dangerous area.

As a physically challenged person, I like to keep my outings as efficient as possible. Do you offer day-long valet services, allowing me to manage many errands in one outing? If so, can you offer a bulk rate discount?

We have not yet offered day-long valet services, but our management will be happy to discuss any special transportation requests with you. Typically, we do not offer volume discounts, however as this is a new possibility, we can consider the entire fee based on the amount of time and driving involved. Please be sure to bring this up with our manager.

How long will a Non-Emergency Wheelchair Transport cab wait for me to complete a single errand?

It depends on the errand at hand. You can discuss the details of this when you schedule your cab service commute. If the driver is able to wait, we can arrange it. If they are not due to requests from other drivers, we can arrange to pick you up at a later time.

Why is a cab better than public transportation?

Buses offer the same Americans with Disabilities Act services as our cab service. However, we offer the added luxury of you being the only passenger, and thus the freedom to make as many stops as you like as well as deciding which radio station to listen to and conversing with the driver.

Do you have a standard mileage fare?

Our mileage rates, including “flag drop,” are available on our website. We accept cash and all major credit cards.