About Us

N.E.W.T. is a family run company begun as a result of the experiences and difficulties we had while transporting our own parents. Having a mother, father and teenage granddaughter in wheelchairs has provided us with a wealth of knowledge in the safest and most comfortable ways to transport. We first gave consideration to this idea when planning a family wedding. We were unable to arrange wheelchair transportation for mom because she was living in her own condo. None of the existing companies would come to a private residence, and most were not working in the evenings or on weekends. After spending a great deal of time trying to find one that would, we decided we would just rent a wheelchair van only to find out that now it was too late and none were available.

We believe that transporting someone to social and family events is just as important as getting to see your doctor.

We think that being in your own home, even if there are stairs, should not prevent you from getting transportation.

Finally, we believe you are entitled to the most comfortable transportation we can provide and that means NOT riding in the back of a truck like a piece of cargo, but rather riding in a vehicle like an ADA compliant mini van in the front like a regular passenger.