Wheelchair Transportation in Chicago

What does Non-Emergency Wheelchair Transport do?

Non-Emergency Wheelchair Transport, or N.E.W.T., serves the greater Chicagoland area with taxi or chauffeur services. While other taxi services offer wheelchair transit in addition to their traditional cab services, N.E.W.T. focuses entirely on providing the physically disabled with paratransit. Non-Emergency Wheelchair Transport is proud to offer its services 24 hours per day and seven days per week. Clients use the services to travel to all types of professional and social occasions requiring local automobile travel. Passengers have used the customized transportation taxi services to go to office meetings, luncheons and to catch a flight at the airport.

N.E.W.T. focuses entirely on providing for this market. By focusing on this type of service, we ensure that those Chicago residents who are wheelchair-bound and need access to quality cab services receive the very best.

Do the Non-Emergency Wheelchair Transport cabs have electronic lifts?

For the moment, Non-Emergency Wheelchair Transport relies on Americans with Disabilities certified ramps for our passengers entry into and exit out of the cab. Constant improvement is a passion for our business, so look out for announcements about new services including electronic lifts on our cabs in the future. Our drivers are highly professional, and will ensure safe entry and exit of our customers, offering assistance if needed.

Because you focus on serving those with special needs, do your drivers have any required medical training?

No; our staff do not pass any sort of medical exam at all prior to being hired. This is purely a leisure transportation service.

How many people can ride in taxi cab at one time?

Our cabs are able to transport two people in wheelchairs and an additional two passengers on the rear seat.

Earlier, you mentioned paratransit; while that sounds self-explanatory, can you please explain what it is?

Paratransit is the safe and convenient transportation provided to those people determined to be physically disabled. Since the implementation of the Americans with Disabilities Act, the physically challenged can expect to have available transportation customized to people with specific physical inabilities. The types of assistance offered includes, but is not limited to, wheelchair ramps and electronic lifts.

What led you to start this specialized taxi services?

The physically challenged are at times glanced over by perfectly well-meaning businesses and organizations. Those entities seem to forget that people in wheelchairs represent a dynamic market that deserves to be supported. We also passionately believe that the physically disabled should be assisted in taking part in every aspect of life. Helping these individuals is our true passion.

Can you support large parties?

Currently, the maximum number of people we can transport at one time is limited. As Non-Emergency Wheelchair Transportation grows, we expect to have multiple cabs to manage large group outings. I you have questions about our transportation services, including transporting large groups, please give us a call.

What areas of greater Chicago do you service?

Non-Emergency Wheelchair Transport offers its services to customers all over the greater Chicago area. If you need to get to or be picked up from an area that is not mentioned by name on our website, please call our office to inquire. Please be advised that customer safety is a top concern, and we will never intentionally drop a passenger in a known unsafe location.

Can Non-Emergency Wheelchair Transport offer full day valet services if I plan out a schedule where I will need to run several errands in one day? Is there a bulk discount rate for such services?

As of yet, we have not provided that specific service to our customers, but we are not opposed to it either. Please call our office to begin inquiry and we will make every effort to work with you. Unfortunately, we do not currently offer bulk discounts. However, that may change if a lengthy service like this one is agreed upon.

Will a Non-Emergency Wheelchair Transport driver wait for me while I finish a single errand?

It depends on the length of the errand. If the driver is not able to wait due to having to drive other passengers while you complete your task, he or she can still pick you up from the location at a later time.

Thanks to the Americans with Disabilities Act, buses are able to provide the specific assistance that the physically challenged need. Why should someone pay for a cab?

Non-Emergency Wheelchair Transportation cabs offer a number of benefits buses do not:

  • Firstly, the passenger has the benefit of highly customized transport. Our drivers will take the passenger to virtually any address
  • Secondly, no “group stop” is required, unlike bus transit.
  • Thirdly, it gives you options. By being the only customer, the passengers get the luxury of choosing detours, picking the radio station and more!

How much do you charge for transportation services?

Non-Emergency Wheelchair Transport offers competitive rates which will be listed on the website. You may also call our office with your inquiry and receive a specified rate. By sharing details such as the start and end locations, we can offer an accurate quote over the phone. All of our cabs accept all major credit cards.